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Eco Live

Eco Live

NIKO company is keen on to study and hand out products that would have a better environmental sensibility and that would guarantee an eco-compatible use with the outdoor everyday life. Economically, NIKO contributes towards the plans that support the environmental and ecological challenges and the environmental resources safeguard.

Eco Tecnologia

Eco Technology

NIKO’s aim along with our technological partner is an intelligent use of technology with common investments in both research and development. The technological applications adopted are an integral part of the outdoor solution to satisfy people and families needs. With our technological partner and team, we transform our best ideas and the real outdoor needs into new robots concepts.


We engineer and create robots for domestic use, based on the simplicity of use: they are functional and solid and they don’t need particular care. The robots are able to give you emotions, they are in agreement with the family’s outdoor living. With the active contribution of the involved people, we carry on with our technological partners to improve our robots’ performances.


The technology and quality planning, with our active and passive patent devices, guarantee that the daily work of our robots brings an improvement of the outdoor life and better warrantes for the safety of adults and children.

Eco Friendly

Environmental Friendly

The development and the research of new technological solutions has as target, in addition to the improvement of the quality of life, the increase of environmental performances, with products that contribute directly to the environmental challenge, lifting the gas emissions and allowing a lower energy waste.

Niko Academy

Niko Academy

On the strength of its long experience, Niko provides the dealer with real and effective technical support. The training consists in training courses of different level (beginners, advance and update), during the training learns the dealer different things step by step, from choice of the robot and its installation to the correct routine maintenance. Our first aim is to satisfy the final user’s needs, thanks to our products innovative concept which is essential on work and during all the phases.


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