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Robotic Lawn Mowers


There’s a new gardener at home: precise, untiring, noiseless, cheap and smart. It’s called Blitz 1.0 and it’s the last generation robot which works autonomously giving you a lawn as perfect and smooth as a golf course. It doesn’t need even the installation: it recognises the grassy surface thanks to its sensors that detect the land underneath, changing direction by itself. Wiper Blitz 1.0 is the best choice for small and medium gardens, everyone can safety use it due to its extremely ease to use and program. It needs just a click on the display and all done, Wiper Blitz 1.0 works during the day and during the night in silence, producing just a minimum noise and managing slopes up to 50%, without losing speed and power.
BatteryLitio 5.0 x 2
Litio 7.5 x 4
Cut24 cm
Surface 200 m²
FeaturesManual recharge
grass detection sensor
blade modulation
grass sensor
cutting height 42mm-48mm

€ 1.190,00 x 2 Public price incl. VAT.
€ 1.290,00 x 4 Public price incl. VAT.


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